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     Our company is a third generation apiary business based in Eastern Washington State. As a family, we are deeply committed to an environmentally-responsible tradition of beekeeping. We endeavor to utilize the very best in traditional and natural apiary techniques and management. We believe this produces a superior honey and beeswax for our candles. We are happy to share these products with you and hope you will enjoy them as much as our other customers do.

     The struggles of our honeybee in the current environment, and their profound value to our food supply have been well covered in the media of late. The bees have a great deal to navigate -loss of different beneficial food sources; a hostile variety of chemicals in yards, gardens, and roadsides; in addition to the new diseases and ailments that have arisen over the last few decades. Backyard beekeeping has become something that very few people do anymore, and it is to all our detriment. We are invested in creating sustainable communities through thoughtful approaches to yards and gardens, creating habitat for pollinators, and encouraging backyard beekeeping.

     We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you some of the best natural honey and 100% beeswax candles from Eastern Washington.

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