Our hives continue to do well here in beautiful Eastern Washington. All of our honey is produced from our own hives, we do not purchase honey for resale or add anything to our honey. We are happy to share this wonderful

Local Harvest with our customers.

Lightly filtered so that the beneficial pollen and antioxidants remain, Raw Honey is a creation of Nature's basic elements. Every year the weather, temperature, the location of the bees, as well as the type of flowering plants from which they take pollen and nectar combine for a completely unique harvest.

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**If you live in the West Plains/Spokane County area**

We are happy to take your order by phone at 509/280-1421.  

Type of container (bear/bee) may vary depending on availability.

You may see honey sold in a variety of flavors, clover honey is often seen in the supermarket. It is important to know that there is no hard and fast rule for labeling the flavor of honey. Honey is created by bees after feeding from the vegetation in up to a 5-6 mile radius of where their hive is located. Sometimes the taste comes through easily as in the case of lavender, mint, or buckwheat. Often it is a best guess scenario based on the predominant vegetation in an area, or even a marketing strategy. USDA and most commercial honey companies grade by color not flavor, with lighter honey generally having a sweeter and more delicate flavor and bringing a higher price. Our hives are located in rural areas and feed on a variety of food sources from home gardens, orchards, wild flowers and vegetation, and small farms. Based on the variety of their diet this year, we labeled our honey as "wildflower."